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Beitzel Corp.

Our People. Our Greatest Strength.

Are you looking for a place to expand your skills and grow in a career? Our company promotes continuous learning, diverse work opportunities, and flexibility. We also provide defined career path advancement, full benefits, and a variety of apprenticeship programs. Openings for experienced workers and training for entry-level positions are always available. Start a career with us today!

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Beitzel Corp.

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It's rare to find a company this size that still cares about the integrity of the Company. They want to do a good job and be honest, and I like that.


There was a brotherhood with the guys I worked with. They were flexible and considerate.


I liked the experience of getting to know the guys in the field and feeling appreciated.

Field Safety Rep

The thing that I like the most is the open door policy, clear up to Shawn Bender. If there's anything that I need or have questions about, he would see me and help me.

Solar Foreman

I really liked tackling problems with everyone and being a part of service industry experts. It was cool to be part of the team.

Solutions Engineer

If you have a question, just ask! Everyone is here to help each other. The Company actually cares about you.

API Welder

I like the environment and believe there are opportunities with Beitzel for me to advance and grow in the Company.


Beitzel Corp.

6+ Years with no lost time accidents

Achieved May 2016