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Beitzel Corp.

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence.

Beitzel Corp.

Tradition Upheld by Performance.

In February 1974, with just a truck and a welder, Olen Beitzel and his father, Lawrence struck out on their own as Beitzel Welding. From humble beginnings in Lawrence’s garage they laid the foundation for a journey that would span five decades of growth and success.

As the years unfolded, the company evolved, reflecting the vision and dedication of its founders and growing number of employees. In 1978, the Beitzel Welding and Construction Company was officially incorporated, with Olen Beitzel assuming the role of principal owner. The transition marked a pivotal moment, signifying the company’s commitment to expanding its services beyond welding. The fabrication shop in Bittinger was constructed to serve as headquarters and provide shop fabrication support to the field crews.

The company continued to grow and expand throughout the 1980’s. Recognizing the diversified nature of its operations, the company underwent a name change on April 17, 1989, to Beitzel Corporation, accurately encapsulating its broader scope beyond welding and construction.

Now, in 2024, Beitzel Corporation proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary—a testament to the attitude, ambition, and ability of the Beitzel team. From its beginnings in coal, Beitzel has diversified into oil & gas, solar, aggregates, manufacturing, and other industrial markets.

As Beitzel Corporation commemorates this remarkable milestone, we not only reflect on our rich history but also look forward to a future filled with continued success, growth, and a legacy that transcends generations. Most importantly, we want to thank each and every employee who made 50 years possible. Without the vision, dedication, and hard work of our team none of this would have been possible.

Here’s to 50 years of excellence, dedication, and the enduring spirit of Beitzel Corporation!

We are highly diversified and seasoned contractors.

Our Mission: Solving problems innovatively while impacting lives positively.

Beitzel Corporation is a turnkey industrial contractor based out of Grantsville, MD. Beitzel Corporation was founded in 1974 to service coal mines and industrial facilities in the mountains of western Maryland. As Beitzel’s fabrication and construction business grew, our capabilities kept pace, adding excavation, concrete, plumbing, electrical, and automation teams to the mix with a focus on industrial markets including oil & gas, solar, manufacturing, and aggregates. Beitzel Corporation is headquartered in Grantsville, Maryland, and has five sales and service facility locations throughout the states of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio. We are strategically positioned to provide fine-tuned attention in areas where we are most needed. Together with our co-located sister company, Pillar Innovations, Beitzel has the capability and experience of large corporations with the customer service and attention to detail of a local contractor.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    No gain or benefit justifies unethical conduct.

  • Safety

    Working safely is a responsibility for every employee, every day. Each employee has the obligation and authority to stop an unsafe act.

  • Attitude

    We approach each day with a positive attitude for the benefit of our customers, coworkers, and community.

  • Ambition

    We continually pursue excellence with grit and determination.

  • Customer Focus

    We contribute to the success of our customers through responsiveness and innovative solutions.

  • Adaptability

    While maintaining our values, we will adapt and innovate to overcome new challenges.

  • Sustaining The Company

    We make responsible decisions today for the continued success of the company.

Safety is our responsibility and priority

At Beitzel Corporation and Pillar Innovations, safety is not simply first. Rather, it is a continuous process that starts in the design phase of a project and continues until the work is done. As an employer, our first obligation is to protect our most important asset—our people. As a contractor, we also recognize that as guests on the sites where we work, we have a responsibility for the safety of those working around us. Sometimes this means that we have to make tough decisions to ensure a safe workplace even at the cost of production. Our personnel are trained and empowered to make the right decisions concerning safety. We are proud of our safety record and constantly work to improve it. Recently, we achieved 5 years with no lost time accidents, reflecting over 4.5 million safe hours (May. 2016). These milestones, while great, are simply that—milestones. While we are headed in the right direction, we can never be content with any accidents or incidents, no matter how minor. Safety goes beyond our work practices, into the very services and products we provide. Beitzel and Pillar products not only contribute to safety, but also do it while increasing productivity and reducing costs. As we continue to innovate, this mix of production and safety benefits will be the hallmark of a Beitzel or Pillar product or service.

Beitzel Corp.

6+ Years with no lost time accidents

Achieved May 2016