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Professional Cuttings Material Handling

With increased focus on safety and environmental stewardship since the start of the Marcellus boom, drilling and exploration companies have searched for safer and more environmentally responsible methods of managing wastes and solids. One area of particular concern is the use of excavators to handle drill cuttings for treatment or disposal.

Our answer to this concern is the Mudster.

The Mudster System feeds drill cuttings to solids control equipment at a steady, metered rate, maximizing the efficiency of equipment, improving fluid quality, and reducing haul-off costs.

Service Capabilities


  • Storage Tank Holds 140 Barrels of Material
  • Proven Technology Controls the Mess
  • Adjustable Material Feed Rate
    • 0-190 Barrels per Hour
  • Can Feed Process Equipment from 200 ft. away & 30 ft. below


  • Safer & Cost Competitive
  • Can Eliminate Secondary Handling Equipment (Excavator, etc.)
  • Removes the Need for Secondary Handling Equipment
  • Reduces Material Spillage
  • Meters Feed Rate for Efficient Processing
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